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Reflective Freedom

A Guided Meditation Membership Group

More about Vicki

How many nights have you been so tired that you can barely function, but when you hit the bed, you are unable to sleep?

Is your lack of sleep affecting your ability to stay focused during the day?

You know the routine...You lay your head on the pillow, and suddenly you are reflecting on all the things that you didn't accomplish during the day. The grocery list, the week's upcoming activities, the thought that you haven't started packing for the camping trip you are taking in 3 months, all start to occupy your already overworked brain. This then leads into reflecting on the things that happened years ago that you wish you would have changed, or things you wish you had done.

You find yourself trying to function on a limited amount of sleep, and not only do you feel tired, but you begin to have issues concentrating at work, or school, or when you are volunteering. The lack of concentration makes it hard for you to reflect on the tasks that you need to do, and it all starts to take a toll mentally, physically and emotionally.

By attending the weekly group sessions, you will learn to relax your mind and body, gaining valuable tools to find freedom from your overloaded mind. 

Vicki Lund of Emergence Healing is a Certified Meditation Facilitator with over 10 years of experience facilitation group meditation and healing sessions.

What you get with membership

1. You will have live online access to the weekly meditation circle.

2. Missed a week? That's ok, you can access the recordings!

3. Member groups where you can interact with other members.

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